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Ecommerce Team

Location: Des Plaines, IL

We need a serious ecommerce production artist.

Why we need your help.

We're growing fast. Business is good and we're going to great. With the right people, we're convinced the next few years will be even better. To meet the challenge, we're looking for exceptional team members to help us continue to elevate our service and product quality.

Our ecommerce production artists are at ground zero for product quality. We maintain thousands of products and dozens of custom web stores for our customers. The difference between a happy customer and an angry one is often a single typo or a late order. Any mistake can drive up costs and hurt our reputation. We are constantly in search of people who will help us with speed and accuracy.

When our customers say, "Wow, these signs look perfect and I can't believe how fast they got here!" you're an incredibly important part of making that happen.

What's this job like?

You're on the Navy SEAL Team 6 of ecommerce graphic production. While we love creative expression as much as the next tender soul, this is not that. The franchises we work with have specific guidelines and we have a custom-built "Design-a-Sign" solution to maintain and create designs on the fly. Our customers already know what they want to see and you're the stone cold pro who makes it happen fast. You're at the core of a team that makes thousands of different signs from dozens of real estate company brands a reality. Each one has to be perfect.

You'll use our tools to create web-based templates from production Adobe Illustrator files. You'll maintain our list of templates and work with our development team to improve our tools. You'll help us keep our carts updated via Quickbase and proprietary tools in-house.

On the best of days, you'll get in the zone and be surprised when it's time to go home. On the worst of days, you'll have the professionalism to bear the fire with a good attitude. You make Oakley's promises to our customers come true.

The position pays $25,000 - $32,000 per year, depending on experience. We also offer insurance benefits, incentive compensation, and a 401k.

To qualify for the team, check the "skills and education" section below.

Who is Oakley Signs & Graphics?

If you haven't read our core values, please do. They're not just the usual corporate jargon. They guide us as a company.

Oakley Signs & Graphics is a family business with a national reach. When we say family, we mean it. The Levitt family works the business every day. Scott Levitt, his brothers Keith and Brett, and their father Ken all have a hand in the day-to-day success of Oakley. We've been in the sign industry since 1972.

It's not uncommon for people to work with us for decades. we're loyal and we take care of our people.

Right now we're in one of the most exciting growth phases in our history. You're going to feel that urgency and energy if you become part of the family. Everyone has an opportunity to grow with us, especially people who show entrepreneurial curiosity, ambition, and smarts.

Skills and education you'll need.

Some basics:
  • You need a high school diploma.
  • You have to have above-average computer skills, including the use of your typical office apps (email, MS Word, Excel, web browsers), and the ability to type at least 40 wpm (words per minute).
  • You're fine using photocopiers and faxes (yes, even faxes sometimes).
  • Very important: When you don't know how to do something, your instinct should be to Google it and see what you can learn for yourself.
Technical skills:

You know how:
  • to use Adobe Illustrator and VECTOR-based art files.
  • to set files up for film output when they require color trapping and/or overlays for screen printing.
  • to output film for spot color.
  • to change colors from RGB to CMYK or Spot colors within Adobe Illustrator.
  • to use Photoshop & Corel Draw.
  • to catch mistakes (eagle eye!)
  • to raise a red flag when something doesn't make sense, and confirm anything that seems out of place.
Stuff that could give you an edge:
  • You've worked in an art production department before.
  • You're bilingual (especially Spanish).
  • You understand tools like WordPress, can work with HTML, CSS, Javascript and other web-development languages and frameworks.
  • You have experience in the real estate industry that would help you relate to our customers.

Are you the one we've been looking for?

Then take the first step to your new career by completing this form.

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