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Part # 0624ALU040
Part # 0624COR4ML
Part # 0624PVC100
Part # 0624ABD3ML
  • Printed 2 Sides.
  • Signs are produced with rounded corners unless printed on corrugated plastic or otherwise noted.

Aluminum - 0.040

Part # 0624ALU040 - 0.576

Corrugated Plastic - 4 Mil

Part # 0624COR4ML - 0.15

PVC - 0.100

Part # 0624PVC100 - 0.65

Alumibond - 3 mil

Part # 0624ABD3ML - 0.9


Our best selling custom sign material!

The gold standard for sign panels nationwide and a standard upgrade from plastic materials. Baked on enamel glossy finish guaranteed never to rust. Lightweight and yet rigid, .040 aluminum will not bow or yellow as compared to .100 Poly and .100 PVC. Perfect for displaying signs on a post at your most prominent properties. .040 Aluminum is like 24 gauge steel, and is slightly thicker than one credit card. Our .063 Aluminum is like 20 gauge steel, and is as thick as a nickel. Aluminum won't rust; we guarantee no rusting, chalking or breaking for up to five years. For extra durability and to avoid scratching, consider upgrading your sign with our Sign Shield laminate.

  • Most commonly ordered with our colonial posts but great to use with frames.
  • Great for extreme temperatures

4-mil Cor-x

This corrugated plastic sign material is 1/8" thick (approximately 5 stacked credit cards.). Non-Yellowing, lightweight, durable, weatherproof and inexpensive. While not typically used as a main listing sign, 4-mil Cor-x offers a cost-effective option that’s perfect for directional signs or temporary listings. Signs generally last 12-18 months under most conditions.

  • Perfect for temporary listings, directionals or as a starter sign.
  • Most commonly ordered with our ¼” Wire Stake


Our most popular plastic sign material!

This rigid plastic material is .100 thick (i.e. about the thickness of 3 stacked credit cards) with a high gloss finish. PVC weathers well and unlike poly plastic this rigid material does not bend or bow. Great for hanging from a post. Will last up to 3 years in most conditions. For extra durability and to avoid scratching, consider upgrading your sign with our Sign Shield laminate.

  • Great for use with our frames or posts.
  • Our most popular plastic material

3mm Alumibond

A wonderful lightweight option that will give the durability of a standard metal sign without the associated weight. 3mm Alumibond is an aluminum clad material (ACM) which consists of two pre-painted sheets of .012 aluminum with a solid polyethylene core making it thicker than .040 aluminum and lighter than 24 gauge steel with a thickness of 4 credit cards. This material is the flattest on the market, thus excellent for hanging panels from posts as it will not bow. Superb outdoor durability means that this should last 3-5 years in the field. Material is approximately one half the weight of aluminum. Optionally, AlumiBond is available with 3MTM Reflective vinyl coating for greater nighttime visibility. For extra durability and to avoid scratching, consider upgrading your sign with our Sign Shield laminate.

3mm Alumibond Facts:

  • Available on 3mm thickness
  • Superb outdoor durability
  • Rigid material that hangs straight
  • Recommended for use with posts and frames, and for all seasons
  • Great for extreme temperatures
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable
  • Will not rust if chipped or scratched
  • Available in 3M Reflective Vinyl
  • Most commonly ordered with Colonial Posts

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