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Just The Facts...

97% of our customers rate our company as excellent

14% is the average savings for customers who shop with us.

Simply put, you save money working factory direct with Oakley Signs & Graphics, Inc. While we don't consider ourselves to be the low price leaders, and don't sell on price alone, it's nice to know that we can help our customers save money.

3.7 - average number of days for custom printed signs in 2008

3.7 days is the current average number of days for custom printed signs.

This data was easily collected through our order tracking software. We also included any anomalies in this calculation because we knew they were so few and far between that they wouldn't effect the overall average.

We work with 100% of the top 25 real estate companies

100% of the top 25 real estate companies work with us.

Many companies trust us, and have been trusting us with their signage business for many years; since 1972 to be exact.

84% of our business comes from referrals

84% of our business come from referrals.

We work hard to do a great job for each and every customer - and it shows. The majority of our new business comes from people telling people about us. We are thankful to all of those who have helped Oakley grow. Thank you.

We return customer voice messages in a guaranteed 3 hours or less.

In the rare case that you don't get to a live sales representative, we guarantee to return your call within 3-business hours. We know your call is important and we don't want to make you wait.

We guarantee our aluminum sign panels against rusting and chalking for 5 YEARS!

Who doesn't like a guarantee? How about 5-years on Aluminum signs? Long enough? Yes, it's true. We guarantee our Aluminum signs against rusting and chalking for 5-years.

97% of our customers rate our company as excellent

97% of our customer rate our company as "Excellent".

The data in question came from a simple one click survey. The question on the survey was, "How would you rank your overall experience with your latest order?".

7,000,000 - The amount of signs we've sold since 2003

We've sold more than 7,000,000 signs!

Have you ever heard the saying, "Experience is everything"? While it might not be "everything", we've printed more than 7,000,000 signs since 2003. How many signs do you think we've printed in the 39 plus years we've been operating? While we're not sure of the exact number, I think it's safe to say we have plenty of "experience".

99% of our customers say they would refer us to a friend or co-worker.

We love referrals! We feel that the only way you'll get them is if you exceed customer expectations. From the results of our survey, we are happy to report that we appear to be doing so, however until we're at 100%, we're not there yet.

We provide free websites to any multi office company to help ease the frustration of ordering.

Do you want your company to have it's own private website to order signs from? Not a problem. Just ask a sales representative and we will work towards setting you up. We want things to be easy for you.

The average turn around time returning online requests is 2 hours

Even though we close down our manufacturing facility every weekend, that doesn't mean our communication with our customers has to stop. Our online requests are monitored 7 days a week from 8am-9pm EST.

78% of customer calls are answered in 3 rings. 95% of calls in 5 rings.

You want us to be available when you need us. We hear you loud and clear, and we make that happen for you. We know our customers are busy and therefore we do everything we can to pick the phone up when you call. It's a small thing, but we know it matters.

99% of our products leave our factory without a single defect or mistake.

Although 95% of what we print is "made to order", we make sure it's what was ordered. Our customers don't have the time or tolerance for mistakes. They have a business to run and they count on us. Through strict inspection processes, we insure that what goes out of our building is correct and of the quality standards our customers expect from us.

90% of our company is paperless. Green isn't just a color in our logo, it's a state of mind within our company.

We are committed to helping the environment. Several years ago we set out to be a 100% paperless company. While we're not there yet, we are getting close. Being paperless not only helps save the environment, it also helps cut down on mistakes - which helps our customers in the long run.

80% - The amount our customers save using our in-house design team over local design shops.

We like to help our customers save time and money. By utilizing our in-house design department, our customers get world-class designers who know what works on a sign, all at a fraction of the cost of local designers.

87% of our art proofs are approved by the customer the first time around.

Time is money. Plain and simple. We listen to what our customers ask for. We ask the right questions. And we take the time to do things right - the first time.

High marks for our packing quality and principles.

There's no sense printing a beautiful sign, only to have it damaged during transit. We take great pride in our packaging, and make sure it can handle the rigors of getting to our customers.

Less than 1% of the packages we ship end up having a damage claim filed.

By using heavy-duty boxes, liners, padding, corner protectors, and heavy-duty tape, we make sure our boxes arrive to our customer as they should.

We clear-coat our signs for added gloss and protection for FREE!

High-gloss. Shiny finish. Extra UV Protection. Extra scratch protection. These are just a few things that our clear-coated signs protect. Best of all, we do it for free.

Less than 1% of the orders we ship are returned by the customers.

We ask questions. We listen. And we try to get it right the first time. In fact, less than 1% of our orders are returned by our customers.

91% of customers report that they get their orders even faster than promised.

"I need them yesterday". While we know that our customers want their signs fast, our "yesterday" truck left yesterday. In all seriousness, we have the fastest written order turn-around time in our industry. Even so, 91% of customer report that they get their orders even faster than promised.

90% of the products we sell are recyclable.

While we're not 100% green - yet, we are almost there. We will continue to work hard to protect the environment where we can, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

88% of our artwork proofs are available for customers to see in less than 24 hours.

By now, you can tell that we are committed to "being fast". Be it answering the phone, responding to emails, or producing your order, we want to be fast. When you need a proof of your job, we get that to you fast as well.

We've invested over $2,000,000 in resources and tooling to become faster and more environmentally friendly.

Technology. Technology. Technology. If you want to do the job right, you need the right tools. Here at Oakley Signs & Graphics, we spend a great deal of time and money trying to refine what we do, and will always look to use the proper tools for the job.

Our signs have played a role in selling over $9,000,000,000 in real estate.

O.K., so the houses didn't sell because of our signs per se, but we like to think we played a small role in the process.

We offer a selection of more than 300 products to each brand we work with.

A large product assortment provides our customers options. As we see it, the more they have to choose from, the better!

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