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Our Core Values

  • Our customer base grows our customer base.

    It’s more productive to turn happy customers into a sales force than it is to acquire new customers. Referrals, word of mouth, and expanding our product offering drives our growth.
  • Loyalty is always


    We’re loyal to our team, loyal to processes, loyal to our product quality, and loyal to our customers. In turn, they’re loyal to us. Any gap in our loyalty breaks the circle.
  • Not knowing is better than pretending to know.

    Curiosity is good. We ask questions. Since we have a responsibility to one another to think about the big picture and the entire chain.
  • Competitors don't drive our strategy. Customers do.

    What we do for our customers is more important than what our competitors seem to be doing. We can never know the full story behind our competitors’ decisions, though we know how to make our customers happy.
  • Quality work improves quality of life.

    The more we improve the quality of our products and processes, the easier our jobs and the happier we are as a team. When the quality of our work decreases, so does the quality of our life at work.
  • Get better and faster takes care of itself.

    Given a choice between doing it right, or doing it over, we know which one gets the job done quicker. “Fast” is a byproduct of working the best systems possible. If you only have to cross the finish line one time, you’ll always win the race.
  • Our numbers tell our story.

    We measure progress by the numbers. Period. Metrics matter, and we measure what matters to our customers and employees. The ultimate number is our Net Promoter Score because it measures total customer satisfaction.
  • It's better to act than react.

    We always try and think about the big picture and the long-term implications of our decisions and act accordingly. If we don’t, we are forced to suffer from our mistakes, respond to crises, and face long hours and stressful situations performing damage control.
  • Raising the red flag is better than raising the white one.

    We can’t fix what we don’t know about, so if you see something, say something! Even if it hurts to sound the alarm, it’s better than surrendering. Ignoring problems and inefficiencies hurts everyone.

We believe in building teams of qualified people who share our company values. Skills can be developed, but attitudes and beliefs are much more fundamental to our collective success.

Before you search our team opportunities below, take some time to read and reflect on our core values. This will help give you a picture of who we are and who we aspire to be.

If we sound like a good match for you, browse the careers below to find where you can share your talents.

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