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7 Best Promotional Giveaways for Realtors

Real Estate Giveaway Ideas

Finding effective and innovative ways to stand out in a competitive real estate market is essential. Creative real estate giveaway ideas can make all the difference. These promotional tactics attract potential clients and build lasting relationships with them. Whether you're looking to increase brand visibility, generate leads or keep your agency top-of-mind, incorporating unique and thoughtful giveaways is the way to go.

This blog will review some of the best promotional items for Realtors that can set your agency apart. We'll also look at what you can do to support your promotional efforts.

1. Hourglass Fans

Our hourglass fan offers a distinctive design that combines functionality with a touch of elegance. Its unique shape provides a steady breeze and serves as a stylish accessory for home or office. Ideal for real estate open houses or client gifts, this fan is a practical reminder of your attention to detail and commitment to comfort.

2. Circle Fans

Oakley Signs & Graphics' circle fan is a classic choice that provides a large, round canvas for your branding. Its ample surface area is perfect for vividly showcasing your real estate agency's logo and contact information. Lightweight and durable, it's an excellent tool for community events or summer property viewings.

3. Rectangle Fans

With its broad and straightforward design, our rectangle fan is an excellent medium for delivering your marketing message clearly and effectively. This fan's shape allows for high-visibility printing, making it an ideal promotional tool to distribute during large events or within welcome packages for new clients. It's also a functional piece that clients can use daily, keeping your brand prominently in their minds.

Real Estate Giveaway Ideas

4. Paddle Fans

The paddle fan from Oakley Signs & Graphics features an attractive and practical traditional design. Its easy-to-hold handle and sturdy construction make it perfect for outdoor events, including tours of homes and properties. Offering comfort and a generous imprint area, this fan is a fantastic way to increase brand recognition while providing a cooling solution at warm-weather gatherings.
Real Estate Giveaway Ideas

5. Social Media Giveaways

The best real estate giveaway ideas include digital promotions. Social media giveaways are an incredibly effective promotion tool for Realtors looking to boost engagement and expand their digital footprint. By hosting contests or giveaways on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, Realtors can dramatically increase their visibility and attract new followers who might be potential clients.

These events encourage participants to share posts, tag friends and interact with the Realtor's content, enhancing reach and engagement organically. Offering desirable prizes related to home ownership, such as home decor items or gift cards for home improvement stores, can ensure the giveaways are appealing and relevant to the target audience.

6. Door Mats

Custom door mats stand out as one of the best promotional products for Realtors, offering a unique blend of practicality and personal touch. By customizing these mats with a client's name or a welcoming message, Realtors can create a memorable first impression that clients cherish every time they enter their new home. This thoughtful gesture enhances the client's attachment to their new property and constantly reminds them of the Realtor's dedication and personalized service. Additionally, custom door mats act as subtle but effective marketing tools, as guests to the home may see and appreciate the customized touch, potentially leading to new referrals and opportunities for the Realtor.

7. Closing Gifts

Closing gifts are among the top Realtor promotional items, leaving a lasting impression on clients. These thoughtful gifts, given at the close of a real estate transaction, serve as a personal thank you, helping to forge a strong, memorable connection between the Realtor and client. Well-chosen closing gifts can also encourage clients to share their positive experiences via word-of-mouth or social media, effectively promoting the Realtor's services to a broader audience. A meaningful closing gift can enhance client loyalty, boosting the likelihood of referrals and repeat business in a competitive market.

Real Estate Giveaway Ideas

Marketing Items for Realtors That Boost Your Promotions

Handing out the best promotional items for Realtors is an excellent tactic, but it shouldn't be your only one. You need a comprehensive plan that includes marketing items for Realtors to ensure you're always top of mind for potential clients. Diversifying your marketing efforts lets you:

  • Connect with different segments of your target audience
  • Broaden your reach
  • Find new clients

Essential Elements Include:

Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs are crucial in marketing and selling properties, attracting attention and conveying essential information 24/7. In fact, 39% of buyers use signs to find their next home. Different types of real estate signs serve specific purposes, from announcing a property's availability to guiding potential buyers to property locations. You don't need to limit yourself to traditional rectangular signs. We offer a fantastic lineup of signs in cool shapes, including price tags, circles and arch tops. Ensure you know real estate sign rules and guidelines to get the most out of your efforts.

Business Cards

Business cards are essential marketing tools for Realtors as they provide a quick and professional way to exchange contact information and establish a tangible connection with potential clients. They're a personal branding tool that reflects the Realtor's identity and professionalism, making a lasting impression. Additionally, business cards are easily distributed during networking events, open houses and other interactions, ensuring that contact details are readily available for future communication. We offer classic and premium designs and cool business card shapes.

Name Badges

Name badges are a crucial tool for Realtors, enhancing professionalism and approachability during interactions with clients and colleagues. They facilitate personal connections by breaking down barriers, making it easier for clients to remember your name and initiate conversation. Oakley Signs & Graphics' name badges help reinforce brand identity at various industry events, ensuring your name and agency remain memorable to potential clients and industry partners.

Spin Top Signs

An innovative twist on the traditional sign post, SpinTops let you highlight a property's most important aspects and provide crucial branding information. With room for four to six custom images, they're a fantastic way to engage with passersby. The six-image cylinder features a solar-powered light that illuminates at sundown, ensuring your listings catch the eye day and night.

Spinning for Success

Meet SpinTop's inventor and learn about the features and advantages of this innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Giveaway Ideas

Oakley Signs & Graphics has years of experience partnering with real estate agents to meet their marketing needs. As a trusted source of information, we've fielded many questions about real estate giveaway ideas. Read the following for the answers you've been looking for.

How Do I Stand Out Among Other Realtors?

You can stand out among other Realtors by implementing a comprehensive branding program that delivers a cohesive look and feel for all your marketing and promotional materials, including giveaways, real estate signs, business cards, name badges and stationery. Our design team ensures each element matches your brand.

What Is the 80/20 Rule for Realtors?

The 80/20 rule for Realtors states that 20% of your input or effort drives 80% of the outcomes in any given situation.

How Do I Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

There are nine steps to creating a successful real estate marketing plan, from understanding the property you're selling to creating visual assets to updating your client.

Trust Oakley Signs & Graphics for the Best Promotional Items for Realtors

Oakley Signs & Graphics is a go-to supplier of the best promotional items for Realtors. We offer a broad array of marketing and promotional products that will boost your visibility and make a lasting impression on your clients. Shop now for products that will make you stand out from the crowd.