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Keller Williams Red Day: Uniting Agents for a Day of Giving Back

Keller Williams Red Day

Keller Williams RED Day, which stands for "Renew, Energize and Donate," takes place each year on the second Thursday of May. Set for May 9 this year, the annual day of service is a cornerstone of the Keller Williams Realty culture. It embodies the company's commitment to giving back to the communities where their agents live and work.

For this event, associates worldwide spend the day away from work to serve worthy causes and organizations in their communities. RED Day initiatives cover a wide range of activities, including any project that positively impacts the local region. Read on to learn more about RED Day and how Oakley Signs & Graphics can help your KW team prepare.

What Is Keller Williams RED Day?

With RED Day, Keller Williams created an international day of service for all of its agencies and associates to participate in. The first RED Day took place in May 2009 to celebrate the birthday of Keller Williams board member Mo Anderson. Since its inception, Keller Williams RED Day has seen participation from thousands of associates across the globe who are encouraged to "give where they live."

The initiative reflects a Keller Williams culture deeply rooted in a strong sense of community and a commitment to improving others' lives. Keller Williams views this event as an opportunity for its associates to renew their commitment to generosity and community service, energize their communities and donate their time to make a difference.

Giving Back

Discover how Keller Williams teams around the country do good through their RED Day activities and initiatives.

Keller Williams RED Day Possibilities

Keller Williams associates view participation in Keller Williams RED Day not only as a responsibility but as a privilege that fosters a sense of camaraderie, enhances community life and demonstrates the power of collective action. The initiative aligns with the company's belief in acting beyond real estate transactions to being agents of positive change in their communities. Potential RED Day activities include:

  • Hosting a charity run
  • Organizing a food drive
  • Cleaning up a local park
  • Helping out at an animal shelter
  • Spreading neighborhood joy through a RED Day parade

Prepping for Keller Williams RED Day

Looking forward to this year's event? As you gear up for Keller Williams RED Day 2024, being thoroughly prepared is crucial to making a significant impact. Certain steps will help you contribute meaningfully to your community while fostering personal and professional growth. Here's a checklist to ensure you're ready to maximize your RED Day participation:

  • Stay informed with the latest updates from your market center's leadership.
  • Create excitement on social media platforms using the hashtag #KWREDDay.
  • Extend an invitation for more volunteers from your network.
  • Consider how individuals unable to attend in person can still contribute to the event.
  • Plan for post-event networking and start reaching out to potential contacts.
  • Prepare your RED Day attire by ensuring it's clean and neatly pressed.
  • Leverage your involvement in RED Day to engage with your contact list.
  • Use Oakley Signs & Graphics' directional signs to guide participants to the correct location.

Past Keller Williams RED Day Events

Keller Williams RED Day has grown in scope and impact, with projects becoming more ambitious and the number of participating associates increasing. Each Keller Williams office and team is empowered to identify local needs and projects that resonate with their community's specific challenges and opportunities. This grassroots approach ensures the efforts are genuinely impactful and meet community needs. Previous RED Day events include:

  • Beautifying veteran housing in California
  • Planting trees in Wisconsin
  • Supporting Ukrainian children in Poland and the Czech Republic
  • Organizing a blood drive in Uruguay
  • Cleaning up a beach in Puerto Rico
Red Day Keller Williams

Keller Williams RED Day: Making a Tangible Difference

The success of Keller Williams RED Day is a testament to the company's culture of caring and commitment to giving back. It also is a powerful example of how corporations can play a significant role in community service and social responsibility. By dedicating a day to service, Keller Williams associates make a tangible difference in their communities, strengthening bonds with community members and organizations and setting a standard for corporate philanthropy.

Beyond Keller Williams RED Day

As Keller Williams RED Day grows, it fosters a legacy of service and generosity within the real estate industry and beyond, inspiring other organizations to prioritize community service and social responsibility. The initiative benefits the communities served and enriches the lives of the volunteers by providing them with a deeper connection to their communities and a renewed sense of purpose in their personal and professional lives.

Keller Williams Red Day

Frequently Asked Questions About Keller Williams RED Day

Keller Williams RED Day is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community. Keep reading to learn more about this event.

How Does Keller Williams RED Day Align With Your Company's Values?

Keller Williams RED Day aligns with Oakley's commitment to community. We're also dedicated to helping real estate agents with free ebooks and a weekly newsletter.

Can People Outside of Keller Williams Participate in RED Day Activities?

People from outside Keller Williams are often invited to participate in RED Day events. Many activities, like fun runs, blood drives and food drives, encourage the participation of community members.

How Can I Learn More About Participating in or Supporting Keller Williams RED Day?

It's easy to find out more about Keller WIlliams RED Day. Look for the #KWREDDay hashtag on social media or contact your local Keller Williams office to see how you can help. Area KW associates will gladly provide the information you're looking for.

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