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6 Real Estate Marketing Materials to Help You Get More Leads

real estate marketing materials

You need to generate more leads for your business, and real estate marketing materials from Oakley Signs & Graphics can help garner the interest of potential buyers and sellers. We provide real estate professionals with the materials they need to attract, engage and convert leads into clients. Whether you're showcasing a new listing, promoting an open house or networking at community events, our tailored solutions ensure that your message is not just seen but remembered.

This article will explore the best Realtor marketing materials and demonstrate how Oakley Signs & Graphics can transform your real estate marketing approach, helping you to secure more leads, close more deals and establish a reputation for excellence in your market.

Marketing materials for Realtors

1. Real Estate Signs

Signs are at the top of our list of real estate marketing materials that generate leads. Although signs may seem old-school, 39% of buyers use them to locate potential homes. A sign is often the first encounter potential buyers have with your property — and, by extension, with you. Eye-catching, professional signage captures attention and communicates the professionalism and credibility of the real estate agent behind it. In a market flooded with options, your sign can differentiate between someone stopping to take a flier or driving past without a second glance.

We understand the critical role real estate signs play in marketing. That's why we offer a wide array of signs to suit every need and occasion:

  • For Sale Signs: The classic staple of real estate marketing, our for sale signs are designed to stand out and communicate essential information clearly and effectively.
  • Open House Signs: These signs are vital for driving foot traffic to your open houses. With our vibrant and inviting designs, passersby are more likely to stop in and explore.
  • Directional Signs: Lead prospective buyers right to your property with easy-to-follow directional signs, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of your listings.

Oakley Signs & Graphics signs are built to last, withstanding the rigors of weather and time. Durability means your investment will pay off for years.

Customization is where your signs truly begin to work for you. Tailor your signs with your branding, colors and contact information to market the property and build your brand in the community. Our customizable options ensure your signs align perfectly with your marketing strategy, making each sign an integral part of your success story.

Marketing materials for Realtors

2. Riders

Riders are another example of marketing items for Realtors that generate leads. While the main sign catches the eye, the rider often seals the deal. Real estate riders offer the flexibility to customize messages for each listing and adapt to the changing status of your properties.

Riders can be used to highlight a variety of messages, such as "Coming Soon," "Just Listed," "Open House this Sunday" or "Price Reduced." They can also underscore unique features of the property that are likely to attract attention, like "Pool," "Waterfront" or "New Renovation." By providing this additional layer of information, riders can prompt potential buyers to take action.

We design our riders to match the quality and aesthetics of your main signs, ensuring a professional and cohesive look. They are made to the same durability standards, meaning they can withstand weather conditions without fading or deteriorating. Plus, they're entirely customizable.

marketing items for Realtors

3. Brochures

The tactile experience of a brochure can provide a memorable touchpoint for potential buyers, generating new leads for your business. Brochures are a comprehensive platform to showcase a property's details and unique features, offering a deeper insight that goes beyond the initial visual appeal. They allow real estate agents to present a curated narrative, highlighting a property's best aspects and selling points in a compact, easy-to-distribute format.

Brochures provide potential buyers with a tangible take-away, serving as a physical reminder of the property and encouraging further contemplation and discussion. Well-designed brochures can significantly enhance the perceived value of a property, presenting it in a professional and sophisticated light.

Here are some tips for designing impactful brochures:

  • Use High-Quality Images: Vibrant, clear photos are crucial in showcasing the property effectively.
  • Tell a Story: Create a narrative around the home's features and benefits, helping potential buyers envision themselves in the space.
  • Be Detailed: Include all relevant information, such as property specs, neighborhood details and contact information, but keep the layout clean and readable.
  • Brand Consistency: Ensure your brochures align with your personal or agency branding for a consistent marketing message.
  • Call to Action: Encourage potential buyers to take the next step with a clear call to action, such as scheduling a viewing or contacting you for more information.

Brochure boxes from Oakley Signs & Graphics are a great way to display these marketing pieces.

Business Cards for Realtors

4. Business Cards

Business cards are powerful extensions of your personal brand and a tangible reminder of the connection made during face-to-face interactions. A well-designed business card can be the key to a lasting impression and future engagements for real estate agents whose business thrives on networking and personal connections.

A memorable business card goes beyond the standard format, transforming a small piece of cardstock into a snapshot of your professional identity.

Here are some design tips:

  • Be Bold with Your Branding: Utilize your brand colors, logos and fonts to create consistency and recognition.
  • Quality Matters: Choose a high-quality cardstock to convey professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Keep It Clean: A cluttered card can be overwhelming. Keep your design simple, focusing on essential information and clean lines.
  • Be Strategic with Information: Prioritize your contact information, including your name, phone number, email and website, ensuring they are easy to find and read.

Oakley Signs & Graphics offers business cards designed with real estate professionals in mind. We use premium cardstocks and printing processes to ensure your cards feel as good as they look, with durability to withstand being carried around in wallets and purses. From sleek and modern to warm and traditional, we offer design templates that you can customize. Or, work with our design team to create something completely different.

marketing materials for real estate agents

5. Name Badges

Every detail contributes to your overall impression on clients and helps to generate new leads. Name badges, often overlooked among other marketing materials for Realtors, are crucial in establishing and reinforcing your professional image. Beyond merely displaying a name, they serve as personal billboards that communicate your brand and status in an instant. Name badges are invaluable in environments where introductions are frequent and first impressions are pivotal — such as networking events, open houses and community gatherings.

The significance of name badges extends beyond their functional purpose of identifying the wearer. They break down barriers, fostering a more approachable and friendly interaction between the agent and potential clients.Immediately establishing familiarity and trust can significantly enhance the client experience and set the stage for successful engagements.

Oakley Signs & Graphics offers a variety of name badges and customization options to suit any real estate professional's needs. Whether you're hosting an open house or attending a local business event, our name badges are the perfect complement to your marketing toolkit, helping you stand out and be remembered.

Digital marketing for Realtors

6. Digital Real Estate Agent Marketing Materials

Around 97% of buyers use the Internet in their home searches, so a comprehensive real estate marketing strategy must extend far beyond traditional real estate agent marketing materials. Digital marketing has become an indispensable tool, enabling agents to reach a broader audience, engage with potential clients in real time and build a compelling online presence that drives leads and sales.


Acting as your virtual storefront, a professional website boosts your credibility and serves as a central hub for your marketing efforts, where potential clients can explore listings, learn about your services and get in touch. A well-designed website should be user-friendly, mobile-responsive and optimized for search engines to help it generate leads.

Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn offer invaluable opportunities to connect with your community, showcase properties and share insights into the local market. Engaging posts and targeted ads can drive significant traffic to your website and open houses. To maximize impact, focus on creating content that resonates with your audience, such as virtual tours, client testimonials and helpful tips for buyers and sellers.

Email Campaigns

Personalized email communications can nurture leads and keep you top of mind with past and potential clients. Segment your audience to deliver targeted messages, such as new listings or market updates, ensuring relevant and engaging content. Remember, the power of email lies in personalization; tailor your messages to reflect the recipient's interests and needs, fostering a connection that can lead to future business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Marketing Materials

As a go-to source of real estate marketing materials, Oakley Signs & Graphics is ideally situated to answer your questions. Read on for the information you need about marketing materials for real estate agents.

How Can I Differentiate My Real Estate Marketing Materials From Competitors?

Using clean, modern design practices and customizing your real estate marketing materials to match your brand will help you stand out from competitors.

How Often Should I Update My Real Estate Marketing Materials?

You should update your real estate marketing materials if there are major changes in your branding, your services or the market. Review your materials every six to 12 months to ensure they're up-to-date.

What Budget Should I Allocate for My Real Estate Marketing Materials?

Setting aside 10% of your gross commission income for marketing is a general rule of thumb. Your budget for real estate marketing materials should fall within that amount.

Order Real Estate Marketing Materials From Oakley Signs & Graphics

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