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Simple Ways to Improve Curb Appeal When Selling A House

how to improve curb appeal when selling a house

When you're selling a house, the first thing buyers see isn't the newly renovated kitchen or the hardwood floors; it's the exterior of the home. This is what we call "curb appeal," and it's all about the impression the property makes when someone sees it from the street. Knowing how to add curb appeal is crucial to the sale of a home. It can make or break a buyer's interest.

If a home looks inviting and well cared for from the outside, buyers are more likely to believe it's just as lovely on the inside, which can ultimately mean a quicker sale and a better price for the property. This article will explore how to improve curb appeal when selling a house and provide helpful tips to get the most out of an outdoor transformation.

What Is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is a home's attractiveness when you first see it from the street. It makes a passerby stop and think, "That house looks nice!" In real estate, it's a big deal because it can sway someone's decision to look more into a home. With good curb appeal, real estate properties draw people in; it suggests that the inside could be just as appealing. Curb appeal is a top suggestion among Realtors. In fact, 92% have recommended sellers boost curb appeal before listing their homes. When buyers are attracted to a house right from the start, they're more open to loving the rest of it, which can help the seller in negotiations.

How Much Does Curb Appeal Add to Home Value?

If you're wondering, "Does curb appeal add value?" the answer is a definite yes. When a seller makes the outside of a home look better, it can pay off. Real estate experts have found that spending a little on a home's exterior can increase the property's selling price. But just how much does curb appeal add to home value? A study by the University of Texas at Arlington indicates good curb appeal can factor in as 7% of a home's selling price. If a seller spends wisely on making their home look inviting from the outside, they're likely to get that money back and more when they find a buyer.

  Curb Appeal

Evaluating a Home's Curb Appeal

To determine if a home has good curb appeal, look at it through a buyer's eyes. Step outside and look at the house from the street. What grabs your attention first? Does the property look welcoming and well-kept, or are there areas that could use some work? Remember, most buyers start looking for homes online, and a good photo of the home's exterior can draw them in. In fact, 96% of home buyers use online tools in their home search, so a great picture that shows off the home's curb appeal is crucial. It's the first step to getting them to consider buying the property.

How to Improve Curb Appeal Quickly

If you're wondering how to improve curb appeal quickly, there are a few straightforward tasks a seller can tackle. Making a home look good from the outside doesn't have to be a big, expensive project. There are simple things that make a big difference. For starters, the homeowner must keep the lawn trimmed and green. If there are patches where grass won't grow, the seller should consider planting seeds or laying down sod. Also, they can freshen up garden beds with new mulch to make their landscaping look neat and cared for.

For the house itself, a deep clean can work wonders. The seller can rent a pressure washer and clean off the dirt and grime from the siding, windows, and gutters. They shouldn't forget to wash the windows inside and out for a sparkling finish. These steps don't take much time or money, but they can make a home look well-maintained and inviting.

Using Landscaping to Add Curb Appeal

A home's landscaping is like a welcome mat. It shows how much the seller cares about their property. Keeping the lawn green, plants trimmed and trees healthy makes all add curb appeal. If the owner's not up for the job, they should consider hiring a pro. It might cost some money upfront, but it's worth it. Spending on regular lawn care can get a seller back more than double that amount when they sell. That's money well spent, making a home more attractive to buyers and boosting its overall value.

But sellers shouldn't overdo it. Gardens that look like they require a lot of upkeep can turn off home buyers. They should keep things looking neat and attractive without going over the top.

Simple Curb Appeal Upgrades

If landscape care is out of the seller's budget, there are plenty of lower-cost ways to add curb appeal to a home. Planting a few bright flowers in containers or hanging baskets can add warmth and a splash of color to the front yard. It's as easy as visiting a local garden center and having the seller select blooms that catch their eye.

A saggy, outdated front door can detract from a home's curb appeal. If the seller can't afford to replace the front door, a new coat of paint can work like a facelift for the home's exterior. Bold colors can make it pop — and add value. A black front door can increase a home's selling price by $6,000.

Swapping out old, faded house numbers with shiny new ones gives a fresh, modern look. The mailbox, often the first thing a home buyer sees, can also affect curb appeal. Replacing a worn mailbox is a quick way to boost a home's exterior appearance. A smart doorbell is another way to entice buyers, especially those interested in high-tech features. A welcoming doormat is also a fantastic touch.

The seller should ensure the front yard is cleaned up, removing fallen branches and leaves and tucking away kids' toys. A neat appearance goes a long way in attracting buyers' attention.

These aren't big projects, but they can make a house stand out to potential buyers. They show that the seller has taken care of the home and help people imagine it as their own. Simple fixes like these can make a home more appealing and inviting, which is exactly what you want when you're looking to sell.

Final Touches to Add Curb Appeal

The seller should also think about outdoor lighting; a well-lit porch is welcoming and adds a sense of security. Solar-powered lights along the walkway to the front door can be practical and charming. Seasonal decorations are another way to catch a buyer's eye, but the seller should keep them tasteful and minimal; think of a neat wreath on the door or a few autumnal planters.

Placing a swing or a few rockers on the front porch is another excellent addition to add curb appeal. And the homeowner shouldn't forget the garage. A new coat of paint on the door and updated lighting fixtures will boost a home's exterior appearance.

The right real estate sign can also make a difference in a home's overall appeal. Make sure to use a sign that reflects well on the property.

To keep a home ready for showings, the owner should tidy up the yard daily, keeping the lawn mowed, the sidewalks swept, and the flower beds free of weeds. It's like making the home's interior clean for surprise viewings — you want it ready to impress at any time. These small actions show buyers that the seller takes pride in their home, which reflects well on the overall maintenance and care they've put into the entire property.

Info and FAQs About Curb Appeal

As a leading supplier of real estate signs and accessories, Oakley Signs & Graphics is well-situated to answer your questions about curb appeal. Read the following to learn more.

How to Add Curb Appeal

There are many straightforward ways to add curb appeal, including trimming bushes and trees, keeping the lawn mowed, washing windows, updating lighting and installing a new mailbox.

What Adds the Most Value to a Property?

Curb appeal, overall, accounts for 7% of a home's value. Among curb appeal projects, using a lawn maintenance service will generate more than double in terms of return on investment.

How Can I Make My House Exterior Look Expensive?

Painting the front door black can make a house look more expensive, adding $6,000 to its overall value.

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