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The Top 7 Reasons to Use Solar-Powered Real Estate Sign Lights

The Top 7 Reasons to Use Solar-Powered Real Estate Sign Lights

A real estate sign in the yard of a home for sale is a great way to grab the attention of passersby. Unfortunately, a standard sign is only useful during daylight hours. But a solar-powered real estate sign light lets you take full advantage of your sign's marketing capabilities well past dusk.

This article will review the top seven reasons to use solar-powered sign lights for your real estate signs.

1. High Visibility

Real estate sign lights give you extended visibility well into the night. Your property gets the attention it deserves with solar-powered sign lights. Well-lit signage puts the spotlight precisely where it needs to be.

2. Simple Installation

With Sign Shine Solar Lights from Oakley Signs & Graphics, you don't have to worry about hardware, screwdrivers or hammers. Our solar-powered real estate sign lights install easily with 3M Dual-Lock reclosable fasteners. Just follow a few simple steps, and your light will be securely mounted.

3. Ease of Use

Outdoor solar sign lights offer set-it-and-forget simplicity. There's no fumbling with batteries or returning to turn the lights on. Solar real estate sign lights automatically turn on at dusk and stay lit for hours. Sign lighting has never been easier.

4. Reliability

Solar LED lights are always dependable, shining night after night. When you use solar real estate sign lights, you get a level of stability and durability you can rely on.

5. Zero-Carbon Footprint

Solar power is eco-friendly and 100% renewable. You can do your part in maintaining a healthy planet by using a compact solar sign light.

6. Affordability

Sunlight is free, making solar-powered sign lights an economical choice. Our Sign Shine Solar Lights are weather-resistant and reusable, meaning they're even more affordable.

7. Added Professionalism

Solar real estate sign lights are a step above and beyond in the real estate market today. They indicate to customers that you're dedicated to making the sale for them. Outdoor solar sign lights are a great way to demonstrate your commitment to current and potential home sellers. And professionalism counts — the typical home seller recommends their real estate agent to an average of two people. More than a quarter of home sellers have recommended their agent at least four times.

solar-powered real estate sign light

Solar-Powered Sign Lights You Can Rely On

Our Sign Shine Solar Lights are dependable and reliable. You can count on them for hours of light every night. At a compact 12"x1"x1.25", they're also easy to maneuver and install. You can't go wrong with solar-powered sign lights from Oakley Signs & Graphics.

Simple to use and maintain, our outdoor solar sign lights are as attractive as they are durable. They offer unparalleled affordability and ease of use that you can't find anywhere else. Purchase solar-powered real estate sign lights from Oakley Signs & Graphics and harness the power of the sun.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Real Estate Signs

If you're going to light a real estate sign, you want to ensure it's a sign worthy of the extra attention. Consistency is crucial. The best real estate signs will prominently feature your logo and consistently use the same colors and typeface. As far as type is concerned, stay away from funky fonts and stick with the tried-and-true, like Futura, Helvetica or Bodoni.

Keep It Professional

Many Realtors include their photos on their real estate signs. If you decide to do so, make sure to use a clear image that shows you at your most professional. The same goes for your messaging. Some sellers opt for quirkiness, but there's no proof that this approach works. Your best bet is to keep your messaging clear and to the point.

Solar Real Estate Sign Lights Make a Difference

Solar real estate sign lights make a clear statement on even the cloudiest of nights. Our outdoor solar sign lights let you take advantage of the sun's clean, renewable energy while getting your message out to as many people as possible. Solar LED lights deliver the twin benefits of attractiveness and affordability. As an added advantage, solar sign lights cast you in a professional light as a real estate agent who cares about your customers. Do yourself and your home sellers a favor by using solar-powered sign lights.

Purchase Solar-Powered Real Estate Sign Lights From Oakley Signs & Graphics

When you're looking for solar-powered real estate sign lights that are attractive, durable and affordable, you're looking for solar sign lights from Oakley Signs & Graphics. We're the go-to supplier of the signs and accessories every real estate agent needs. Order the solar LED lights that will set your signs apart today.

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